Corpse Bride, Emily

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Hi! Halloween is coming and everybody wants to have scaring and creative manicure. The main characters of Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” areĀ great decisionĀ for nail design! Now I will show you how to create Emily, and the next tutorial will be about other main character, Victor. Let’s begin!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Prep nails for gel polish application
2) I covered the nail with two coats of a white gel polish and cured each of them

Corpse Bride. Emily 1
3) I sketched Emily in pencil

Corpse Bride. Emily 2
4) I began painting Emily. I covered her face with a thin layer of a blue gel polish and her hair with a dark blue gel polish. Cured a little (because the layers were thin)

Corpse Bride. Emily 3
5) In this step I painted her eyes in white, her eyelids in dark blue, her lips in pink, and her bridal wreath in grey (the mixing of white, blue, and black gel polishes). Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 4
6) Then I started shading my painting. I made the skin around her eyes and under cheekbones darker, contoured her collarbones, and painted her nose. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 5
7) Furthermore, I contoured her lips and added dimension to her hair. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 6
8) I continued shading and highlighting my painting. I created shade on her neck, added a dark violet color on her eyelids, hair and face. Then I added more strokes onto her wreath. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 7
9) Then I made the background (a thin layer of the mix of blue, white, and black gel polishes) Also I added a white gel polish onto her wreath. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 8
10) I added final touches to the whole design. I drew her eyebrows, lashes, pupils, contoured her wreath, strands of hair and lips using black gel paint. Also I highlighted her lips and nose using white gel paint. Cured for 2 minutes in UV lamp (or 30 seconds in Led lamp)

Corpse Bride. Emily 9
11) I finished my design by adding a layer of a top coat. Cured and removed the tacky layer

Corpse Bride. Emily 10
Corpse Bride nail design is done!

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