Corpse Bride, Emily

Hi! Halloween is coming and everybody wants to have scaring and creative manicure. The main characters of Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” are great decision for nail design! Now I will show you how to create Emily, and the next tutorial will be about other main character, Victor. Let’s begin!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Prep nails for gel polish application
2) I covered the nail with two coats of a white gel polish and cured each of them

Corpse Bride. Emily 1
3) I sketched Emily in pencil

Corpse Bride. Emily 2
4) I began painting Emily. I covered her face with a thin layer of a blue gel polish and her hair with a dark blue gel polish. Cured a little (because the layers were thin)

Corpse Bride. Emily 3
5) In this step I painted her eyes in white, her eyelids in dark blue, her lips in pink, and her bridal wreath in grey (the mixing of white, blue, and black gel polishes). Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 4
6) Then I started shading my painting. I made the skin around her eyes and under cheekbones darker, contoured her collarbones, and painted her nose. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 5
7) Furthermore, I contoured her lips and added dimension to her hair. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 6
8) I continued shading and highlighting my painting. I created shade on her neck, added a dark violet color on her eyelids, hair and face. Then I added more strokes onto her wreath. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 7
9) Then I made the background (a thin layer of the mix of blue, white, and black gel polishes) Also I added a white gel polish onto her wreath. Cured a little

Corpse Bride. Emily 8
10) I added final touches to the whole design. I drew her eyebrows, lashes, pupils, contoured her wreath, strands of hair and lips using black gel paint. Also I highlighted her lips and nose using white gel paint. Cured for 2 minutes in UV lamp (or 30 seconds in Led lamp)

Corpse Bride. Emily 9
11) I finished my design by adding a layer of a top coat. Cured and removed the tacky layer

Corpse Bride. Emily 10
Corpse Bride nail design is done!

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