Christmas Kitten

Hi! In this tutorial you will learn to paint Christmas Kitten on nails! It is a magic idea for Chrismas manicure!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep for gel polish application
2) I covered 2 nails with a white gel polish and cured

Christmas Kitten 1
3) I did sketch of my kitten in pencil

Christmas Kitten 2
4) I painted him in orange (the mixture of red and yellow gel polishes). Cured

Christmas Kitten 3
5) Then I applied a red gel polish on his hat and mouth, a brown gel polish on his eyes and a yellow one on the star. Cured

Christmas Kitten 4
6) I used a dark blue gel polish for background. Cured

Christmas Kitten 5
7) Furthermore, I shaded my kitten using a brown gel polish and highlighted him using the mix of orange and white. Cured a little (because the layers were thin)

Christmas Kitten 6
8) Then I added shades onto the star using orange and highlighted it with white. Also I shaded the hat and ear with a dark red gel polish (black plus red) and highlighted it with the mix of white and red. I painted stripes using a brown gel polish. Cured a little

Christmas Kitten 7
9) I applied one more layer of a dark blue gel polish for my background. Cured

Christmas Kitten 8
10) I contoured my design and drew pupils with a fine detailer brush and black gel polish. Cured some seconds to prevent bleeding. Then I added hotspots onto kitten’s eyes, nose, tongue, and ear and drew whiskers using white gel paint. Cured for 2 minutes in UV lamp or 30 seconds in LED lamp

Christmas Kitten 9
11) At last, I covered my design with a top coat, cured and removed the sticky layer
12) Using a white gel paint I drew fur onto the hat (do not cure!)

Christmas Kitten 10

13) I poured clear acrylic powder on it, removed remains of acrylic powder from the eyes using a clean brush, and gave dimension to the eyes using clear designer gel. Cured and removed the sticky layer and remains of acrylic powder

Christmas Kitten 11

Christmas Kitten 12
Christmas Kitten nail design is done!

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