Hi here! I’m Julia Mayer and I’m a nail artist and nail educator. I really love to create unique nail designs. This is my way to express myself through art.  I use gel polishes for my designs. A huge advantage of gel polishes is their ability to stay on for 2-3 weeks. Thus, your art will last for a long time. Also they are perfect for painting because you can mix colors and get soft transactions between them.

I’m very happy to teach you everything that I have learnt. I will show you how to paint masterpieces on nails that will allow you to have lots of satisfied clients and earn more money.

So, why not to become one of the most popular nail artist and take more plesure in your job?

How to buy lessons/courses/brushes?

  1. You can choose brushes, video/photo tutorials and courses in SHOP (here you can see more info about tutorias and short videos of the results)
  2. You should add brushes, video/photo tutorials and courses to cart
  3. Proceed to checkout
  4. Pay via PayPal nailsuniversity23@gmail.com and send me receipt on WhatsApp +77751262232 or Instagram DM @bnailmaster
  5. Then you will get access to your tutorials. There is no time limit for access
  6. If you order brushes, I will send them the next day and give you your tracking number. Shipping is worldwide

Contact me

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact me!

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