Love is… Boy

Hi! In this tutorial I will show how to paint this boy on nail!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep
2) I covered the nail with a white gel polish and cured
3) I topcoated the nail, cured and removed the sticky layer
4) Then I buffed the nail with not rough nail buffer (I used 240 grit). (It is easier to draw on the rough surface, so I did 3-4 steps) Cleaned the nail with a cleanser
5) I sketched my design in pencil

Love 1
6) I mixed beige and peachy gel polishes to paint his skin. Cured

Love 2
7) Furthermore, I painted the heart in red and his eyes and hair in black. Cured

Love 3
8) I painted his T-shirt in green and cured

Love 4
9) Using a blue gel polish I painted the background. Also I painted the inscription in yellow. Cured

Love 5
10) I contoured my design with a small detail brush and black gel paint and cured

Love 6
11) Finally, I topcoated my design, cured and removed the sticky layer
“Love is…” nail design is done!

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