Lovely Kitten

Hi! In this tutorial you will find out how to paint lovely kitten on nails!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep for gel polish application
2) I applied 2 layers of a white gel polish and cured each of them
3) I topcoated the nail, cured and removed the tacky layer
4) Then I buffed the nail with not rough nail buffer (I used 240 grit). (It is easier to draw on the rough surface, so I did 3-4 steps) Cleaned the nail with a cleanser
5) I sketched my kitten in pencil

Lovely Kitten 1
6) Using a beige gel polish I painted him and cured

Lovely Kitten 2
7) I painted his ears, paws and tail with a brown gel polish. Cured

Lovely Kitten 3
8) I painted the heart in red and cured

Lovely Kitten 4
9) Using a pink gel polish I painted his belly and blush. Also I painted his nose in violet. Then I added shade under my kitten using the mix of a top coat and a black gel polish. Cured

Lovely Kitten 5
10) Furthermore I shaded his dark fur with the mix of black and brown. Also I shaded his beige fur with a brown gel polish. Cured a little because the layers were thin

Lovely Kitten 6
11) I shaded (black plus red) and highlighted (white) the heart. Then I shaded his belly and blush with the mix of brown and pink and his nose with the mix of violet and black. Cured a little

Lovely Kitten 7
12) I outlined my design with black gel paint and cured a little. Then I did my shades brighter with the mix of a black gel polish and a top coat. Also I added highlights with the mix of a top coat and a white gel polish. Cured for 2 minutes in UV lamp or 30 seconds in LED lamp

Lovely Kitten 8
13) Finally, I covered the nail with a top coat, cured and removed the sticky layer
Lovely Kitten nail design is done!

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