Sleeping Kitten

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Hi! Here I will describe how to paint this sleeping kitten on nails!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails prep
2) I applied 2 layers of a white gel polish and cured each of them
3) I did my sketch in pencil

Sleeping Kitten 1
4) I painted my kitten with a grey gel polish. Also I painted the blanket and nose with a pink gel polish. Cured

Sleeping Kitten 2
5) Using a blue gel polish I painted her nightgown. Then I painted the background with a dark blue gel polish. Cured

Sleeping Kitten 3
6) In this step I shaded my kitty with the mix of grey and black gel polishes. Then I shaded my blanket and the nose with the mix of black and pink. Also I shaded the pillow and white part of the blanket with the mix of white and grey gel polishes. Cured

Sleeping Kitten 4
7) I shaded her nightgown with dark gel polish. Also I added one more layer of a dark blue gel polish onto the background. Cured

Sleeping Kitten 5
8) I contoured my design with black gel paint and cured

Sleeping Kitten 6
9) I painted stripes onto my kitten with a white gel polish. Also I drew stars with white gel paint. Cured

Sleeping Kitten 7
10) Here I shaded my design with the mix of a top coat and a black gel polish. Cured

Sleeping Kitten 8
11) I covered the nail with a top coat, cured and wiped off the tacky layer. Also I added some caviar beads and rhinestones onto my stars

Sleeping Kitten 9
Sleeping Kitten nail design is done!

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