Teddy Bear

Hello! In this tutorial I will show you how to make Teddy Bear nail design. It is a fall now and the weather is cold and rainy. Such a cute bear on your nails can improve your mood! Let’s start to create!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First, prepare nails for application of a gel polish
2) I covered two nails with a white gel polish and cured. (If your gel polish is not solid make two layers)
3) I then sketched my Teddy Bear and his umbrella in pencil

Teddy Bear
4) I painted my bear with a grey gel polish (I mixed white with black), and his nose and umbrella with a blue one. (Leave little space between the colors to prevent their bleeding). Cured

Teddy Bear 2
5) After that, I colored a light grey part around his nose (I added more white gel polish to the grey color that I had). Also I drew a handle of the umbrella with a black gel polish and cured

Teddy Bear 3
6) In this step, I began to highlight and shade my Teddy Bear. The central parts of his head, arm and belly became lighter. I made him darker along the contour, added shades under the handle, detailed ears. Cured a little (because these layers were thin)

Teddy Bear 4
7) Furthermore, I added shades and highlights onto his umbrella. (I got dark blue by blending blue and black, and light blue by adding white). Also I applied one more layer of a black gel polish onto the handle. Cured a little

Teddy Bear 5
8) I drew a grey tip of the umbrella and made white dots along its contour. Also I did a grey line along the middle part of the handle to give it dimension. Cured a little

Teddy Bear 6
9) I continued detailing his umbrella. For it, I added stripes and shades on the tip and near it. Also I did dark dots along the contour of his umbrella. Cured a little

Teddy Bear 8
10) Finally, I contoured my painting, drew a patch, eyes, and fur using a small brush and black gel paint. I took white gel paint to draw hotspots on his nose and the tip, and some dots on the umbrella. Cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp or 30 seconds in a Led lamp

Teddy Bear 7
11) The last step was covering my design with a gel polish top coat. I cured my nails and wiped off the tacky layer.
Teddy Bear is done!
I combine this design with matte blue nails

Teddy Bear

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