Cherry nail

Hi! It is a nail art tutorial about cherry nail design. Cherry looks awesome and delicious on nails! You may paint it on one or two nails and cover the rest with a red gel polish. Feel free to experiment!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Prepare nails for application
2) I applied 2 layers of a white gel polish curing each of them

Cherry nail design 1
3) Using a red color I painted a cherry in the right bottom corner of the nail. Cured

Cherry nail design 2
4) I blended black to red and shaded my cherry in the central part to give it depth and outlined the cherry letting it be lighter around the dark pit in the central part. Also I mixed a white gel polish with a red gel polish to make highlights around the pit. Cured a little (it was enough because I made thin layers)

Cherry nail design 3
5) I painted cherry stalk using black gel paint and leaves using a green gel polish. Cured

Cherry nail design 4
6) I added shades onto the leaves. I got dark green by adding a black gel polish to a green one. Further leaf became darker. I highlighted the leaves using the mixing of green and yellow. Cured a little

Cherry nail design 5
7) I then contoured leaves and stalk using black gel paint, made my shades darker, and added hotspots onto the cherry and leaves using a white gel polish. Cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp (or 30 seconds in a LED lamp)

Cherry nail design
8) I covered my design with a gel polish top coat, cured and wiped off the tacky layer.
My cherry nail design is done!

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