Cupcake nail

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Hi! Here you will learn to paint cupcake nail design. It is a bright and appetizing idea for manicure! Let’s start!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) After the nail prep, I applied two coats of my white gel polish and cured both of them

Cupcake nail design 1
2) I applied gel polish top coat to have an opportunity to remove my painting with a cleanser if I did not like it. Cured and wiped off the tacky layer
3) Using a small brush and a beige gel polish, I created a bottom part of my cupcake and cured

Cupcake nail design 2
4) For my top part of the cupcake, I used a lilac color. Cured

Cupcake nail design 3
5) The colors were not bright, so I decided to apply one more layer of each color. Cured
6) I took a detailer brush and outlined the top part of my cupcake with black gel paint. Also I added black and white lines onto the bottom part of my cupcake using gel paints. Cured

Cupcake nail design 4
7) I begin shading the painting to give it more dimension. For it, I mixed a lilac gel polish with a violet one and applied it near the black contour. Also I highlighted my cupcake with the mixing of lilac and white gel polishes. I continued shading my design using a brown gel polish and added highlight onto the bottom part. To make a shade from my cupcake, I mixed gel polish top coat with little amount of a black gel polish. I created a shade under my cupcake. Cured
8) To make my design more colorful, I placed small pink, light green, yellow, and blue dots with a dotting tool. Cured

Cupcake nail design
9) I finished my design with a top coat, cured and removed the sticky layer.
My cupcake nail design is done!

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