Ice cream

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Hello! Now I will show how to make an ice cream nail design. This delightful and appetizing painting can decorate your manicure!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep
2) I applied a white gel polish onto the nail and cured

Ice cream nail design 1
3) Next step was to paint a waffle cone using a beige gel polish. Cured

Ice cream nail design 2
4) I began to create this delicious design. I prepared neon pink, pink and white gel polishes. Dipping into these colors at a time, I painted my ice cream. (I did not cure each color, it looks great when they are blended a little). Cured

Ice cream nail design 3

Ice cream nail design 4
5) I took a brown gel polish to make my cone look like a waffle. Cured

Ice cream nail design 5
6) I finished my design by adding dark and light strokes onto my painting. (I got dark pink by blending red to neon pink). Futhermore, I outlined the waffle cone and shaded it under ice cream using a dark brown gel polish (black mixed with brown). I added hotspots onto the drops of the ice cream in white gel paint). Cured

Ice cream nail design
7) I topcoated my painting, cured and wiped off the tacky layer.
Delicious nail design is done!

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