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Hi! Here you will learn to create a watermelon nail design with 3D drops. This design looks bright and delicious. I am sure, it can beautify any summer manicure!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) After nails prep, I applied a white gel polish and cured

Watermelon nail design 1
2) I applied a red gel polish onto the left side of my nail and cured

Watermelon nail design 2
3) I then painted a peel of my watermelon using a green color of gel polish and cured

Watermelon nail design 3
4) To get desired opacity, I did the second layers for both green and red. Cured
5) I painted a thin space between red and green with a light green gel polish. I then created pits using black gel paint. Cured

Watermelon nail design 4
6) To make my watermelon nail design more realistic, I added some shades using dark colors. For it, I mixed red with black and laid it with a thin layer on the pulp near the peel. Also I shaded the peel using the mix of green and black. I created hotspots on the pits with white gel paint and cured

Watermelon nail design 5
7) I topcoated the whole design, cured and removed the tacky layer
8) For creating drops, I used gel polish base because it does not bleed opposed to a gel polish top coat (Also you can use thick designer gel). Cured and topcoated (not all the nail, just drops). Then I cured again and removed the tacky layer.

Watermelon nail design
Watermelon nail design is done!

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