Hi! Here I will show how to make autumn nail design!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep
2) I covered the nails with blue gel polish and cured

Autumn 1
3) I sketched my design and cured

Autumn 2
4) I painted trees with brown gel polish, leaves with yellow, green, orange, red and plum gel polishes. I painted houses and lake with pink, plum and blue gel polishes. Then I painted the ground with green, dark green, red, pink, plum, and blue gel polishes. I painted people with brown, yellow, black and green gel polishes. Cured

Autumn 3
5) Here I added dark brown strokes onto the trees and people, dark green, orange, red, dark blue strokes onto the leaves and ground, dark blue and plum strokes onto the houses and lake. Cured

Autumn 4
6) I drew trees with reflection with brown gel polish. Also I drew street lamps and added details to people and umbrella with black gel paint. Cured

Autumn 5
7) In this step I added light of the street lamps with yellow gel polish. Also I added black strokes onto the ground using gel polish. Cured

Autumn 6
8) I added details with white gel polish and cured

Autumn 7
9) I applied top coat, cured and removed the tacky layer

Autumn 8
Autumn nail design is done!

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