Matte Flowers

Hi! Here you will learn to create matte flowers nails. You may make this design on two nails of each hand and paint other nails in one tone. Let’s begin!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep
2) For base of my design, I used a dark violet gel polish. I did two layers and cured each of them

Matte flowers 1
3) I began to paint flowers with light pink. (I added white gel paint to a pink gel polish in order to prevent bleeding and make the color lighter). Cured

Matte flowers 2
4) Then I painted two more flowers. I got this color by adding a brown gel polish to the pink color that I had made before. Cured

Matte flowers 3
5) I continued filling the nail with flowers. This time I used a grey color. (I added a black gel polish to the pink color I had mixed before). Cured

Matte flowers 4
6) I finished off my art work with white flowers. (I used the mixing of a white gel polish and white gel paint). Cured

Matte flowers 5
7) The last step was covering my design with a matte top coat. Cured and removed the sticky layer

Matte flowers 6
Matte flowers nail design is done!

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2 thoughts on “Matte Flowers

  1. Hello… first of… you do such an amazing work. My question to you, You keep mentioning white gel paint. Are you referring to acrylic paint? I’m curious and would like to buy the kind that you use. I would appreciate your help. Thank you

    1. Hello! Thank you so much!!! No, I don’t use acrylic paint, it can not be blended with gel-polish because of different structure. I use gel-polishes and gel-paints, they both demand UV or LED lamp for curing. Gel-polish is liquid, so I added gel-paint to prevent bleeding. Gel-paint alone is good for small details, but it can be chipped if it is used for big paintings (especially on free edge). As for me, I use Kodi gel-paint. Hope, I help u:) Feel free to ask me more:)

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