Vintage Letter

Hi! In this tutorial you will find how to create vintage letter nail design!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails prep
2) I covered the nail with 2 layers of a peachy gel polish and cured each of them

Vintage Letter 1
3) Using the mix of brown and pink gel polishes I covered the nail along the edges and cured

Vintage Letter 2
4) I painted my future roses with the mix of pink and brown. Then I painted my light flowers with the mix of white and beige gel polishes. Also I painted my leaves with the mix of green and brown. Cured

Vintage Letter 3
5) Here I shaded my design. (I added more brown gel polish to the colors I had). Cured a little because the layers were thin

Vintage Letter 4
6) Then I added a little black gel polish to the colors I had and contoured my design. Cured a little

Vintage Letter 5
7) I added highlights with a white gel polish and added inscription using a brown gel polish. Cured for 2 minutes in UV lamp or 30 seconds in led lamp

Vintage Letter 6
8) I topcoated the nail, cured and removed the tacky layer
Vintage Letter nail design is done!

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