Blue geometric nail

Hello! This tutorial will explain you how to make blue geometric nail design. It is a splendid idea for manicure!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is to prepare nails for application
2) For my design, I needed to have a translucent background. To get such an effect, I added some white gel polish to a gel polish top coat and blended them carefully. I used a clean brush from my old gel polish to cover the full nail. (Some brushes may leave stripes, so I chose this one). Cured

Blue geometric nail design 1
3) Using white gel paint and a small detailer brush, I drew stripes and outlined the nail. Cured

Blue geometric nail design 2
4) I filled in three triangles with a blue gel polish and cured
5) I also filled in the remaining triangle and two rectangles with a glitter gel polish. Cured
6) To make colors brighter, I applied the second layers for both blue and glitter. (They did not bleed because there were the second layers, so I did not cure each color separately)

Blue geometric nail design
7) When I was happy with the result, I covered the nail with a gel polish top coat, cured and removed the sticky layer
Blue geometric nail design is done!

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