Glitter geometric nail

Hello! In this tutorial I will describe you how to create glitter geometric nail design. It is easy and stylish gel polish manicure. Hope you will like it!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Nail prep for gel polish application
2) I applied a glitter gel polish onto the nail and cured

Glitter geometric nail design 1
3) I painted a triangle on the free edge of the nail using a peach gel polish and cured

Glitter geometric nail design 2
4) I added an arc and stripes with a blue gel polish and cured

Glitter geometric nail design 3
5) To make your colors solid, you can add some more layers. (You do not need to cure each color separately because the second layer will not bleed. You can apply blue and peach and then cure both of them)
6) After I got the desired colors, I outlined my colorful paintings and added some details. For it, I used black gel paint and a thin brush. Cured

Glitter geometric nail design
7) I topcoated the nail, cured and wiped off the tacky layer
Glitter geometric nail design is done!

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