Palms nail design

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Hi! In this nail art tutorial you will learn to create palms nail design. Black silhouettes of palms on the sunset background look gorgeous!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Prep the nails for application of  gel polish
2) I wanted to portray palms on the sunset background. To show sunset, I decided to make ombre. I covered the nail with three different colors (blue, pink and yellow). Do not cure!

Palms nail design 1
3) I blended blue and pink colors together to make smooth gradient. For it, I used a large brush. I then clean my brush with a cleanser and do the same on the border of pink and yellow. Cured

Palms nail design 2
3) The colors were not solid, so I made one more layer using the same technique. (Maybe you have to apply three layers. It depends on the density of your gel polishes). Cured

Palms nail design 3

Palms nail design 4

4) I covered my ombre with a gel polish top coat, cured and wiped off the sticky layer

Palms nail design 5
5) Using a small detailer brush and black gel paint, I drew the silhouettes of two palms

Palms nail design
6) Final step was topcoating, curing and removing the sticky layer.
Palms nail design is done!

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