Hi! Here I will show how to paint this bright parrot on nail!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails prep
2) I covered the nail with 2 layers of a white gel polish and cured each of them
3) I sketched my design with a beige gel polish and cured

Parrot 1
4) Here I painted my design with blue and green gel polishes. Cured

Parrot 2
5) I added yellow and black colors. Cured

Parrot 3
6) In this step I added darker strokes (I used red plus yellow for yellow, black plus blue for blue, green plus black for green, more black onto the beak and neck, and grey for white). Cured

Parrot 4
7) I contoured my parrot with black gel paint and cured

Parrot 5
8) Using the mix of a top coat and a black gel polish I shaded my design. Cured

Parrot 6
9) I highlighted my design with the mix of a top coat and a white gel polish. Cured

Parrot 7
10) I added hotspots with white gel paint. Cured

Parrot 8
11) Finally, I covered the nail with a top coat, cured and wiped off the tacky layer
Parrot nail design is done!

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