Pascal, Tangled

Hi! This tutorial is about Pascal nail art design! Let’s start!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails preparation for gel polish application
2) I covered 3 nails with a white gel polish and cured
3) Then I did sketch of Pascal

Pascal, Tangled 1
4) Using a green gel polish I painted him and cured

Pascal, Tangled 2
5) I painted his dress in pink and his eyes in brown. Cured

Pascal, Tangled 3
6) Then I painted the background with a brown gel polish and cured

Pascal, Tangled 4
7) I shaded my Pascal using dark green (the mix of green and black gel polishes). Cured

Pascal, Tangled 5
8) I highlighted his dress with the mix of pink and white gel polishes and shaded it with plum gel polish. Cured

Pascal, Tangled 6
9) I added one more layer onto the background and his eyes and cured

Pascal, Tangled 7
10) I created wood structure background using beige and dark brown colors. Cured

Pascal, Tangled 8
11) I contoured my design with black gel paint and cured a little. Then I mixed a black gel polish and a top coat and added shades onto Pascal and onto the wooden wall. Also I highlighted my Pascal using the mixture of a white gel polish and a top coat. Cured

12) I topcoated the nails, cured and removed the sticky layers

Pascal 0

Pascal nail design is done!

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