Autumn Leaf

Hi! Here I will show how to paint autumn leaf with raindrops!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Start with nails prep
2) I covered the nail with 2 layers of black gel polish and cured each of them
3) Using white gel polish I drew my leaf and cured

Autumn Leaf 1
4) I painted the leaf with pink, lilac, violet and blue gel polishes (I added top coat to them to get transparent colors). Cured

Autumn Leaf 2
5) I added details with white gel polish and cured

Autumn Leaf 3
6) I painted white lines with the mix of red gel polish and top coat. Also I added some dark strokes with the mix of top coat and black gel polish. Cured

Autumn Leaf 4
7) In this step I drew raindrops with the mix of violet gel polish and top coat. Cured

Autumn Leaf 5
8) Here I drew shads under the drops (on the right) with black gel polish (I burred them with top coat). Also I shaded left parts of my drops with black gel polish and blurred my shades with top coat moving from the left upper side to the central part of my drop. Cured

Autumn Leaf 6
9) I highlighted the right bottom parts of my raindrops with white gel polish and blurred it with top coat moving to the central part of the drops. Cured

Autumn Leaf 7
10) I added highlights onto the left upper parts of the drops with white gel polish and cured

Autumn Leaf 8
11) I applied top coat, cured and removed the tacky layer
Autumn Leaf nail design is done!

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