How to buy lessons/courses/brushes?

  • You can choose brushes, video/photo tutorials and courses in SHOP (here you can see more info about tutorias and short videos of the results)
  • You should add brushes, video/photo tutorials and courses to cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Pay your order with PayPal on nailsuniversity23@gmail.com and send screenshot of the receipt on +77751262232 (WhatsApp) or in Instagram DM @Bnailmaster
  • Then you will get access to your tutorials. There is no time limit for access
  • If you order brushes, I will send them the next day and give you your tracking number. Shipping is worldwide

Can I take your courses if I have never painted before?

  • Sure, you will get full videos with descriptions, step by step photos, schemes and list of materials. We have already had many students with no experience. They were amazed when they find out that they are so good at painting

What is the stucture of the course?

  • Course usually consists of 5-6 lessons of the same theme that helps you to improve your skills using similar technics. You will get full videos of each lesson (one lesson is about 10-30 minutes) with description of the process. Also you will get step by step photos, list of material and schemes of designs

Can I choose lessons from diferent courses?

  • Yes, you can choose any lessons that you want

What is the difference between photo and video tutorials?

  • Photo tutorials consist of step by step photos with descriptions, lists of materials, and schemes. Video tutorials have the same plus full videos

Will I have any support during the course?

Sure, you need to send your question to me on WhatsApp and I will help you to solve your problem

What materials do you use for painting?

  • I use gel polishes and sometimes black and white gel polishes for thin lines

What brushes do you use?

  • I use Roubloff brushes. They are perfect for painting and ideal for thin lines. You can order them on my website

Do you ship worldwide?

  • Yes, I do. It usually takes 10-15 days

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping costs $8

Students’ works

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