Blue Watercolor Flowers

Here I will show you how to paint these blue flowers in watercolor technique

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First I will sketch my design on paper. I’m gonna show you how to place these 3 flowers on the nail.
I started with the upper one. I added the right one and the left one which is a little bit turned to the left. Also I drew watercolor streaks

2) Now I will show you where you should add shadows. I added them close to the central parts and between the petals

3) Let’s do the same on the nail. I applied 2 layers of white gel polish as a base and cured each of them. I blended blue gel polish to a top coat to get watercolor effect. I added more top coat for some petals to get different levels of brightness. Cured

4) Here I added streaks on the background with the mix of green gel polish and top coat. Also I added some strokes of blue, lilac and yellow gel polishes mixed with top coat. The colors should be translucent. Cured

5) I mixed blue and black gel polishes and contoured my flowers with thin detail brush. Also I added lines onto my petals. Then I painted centers of my flowers with brown gel polish and cured

6) I added top coat to the mix of blue and black gel polishes and added shades between the petals and the central parts. Also I added some bright strokes with the mix of blue gel polish and top coat. Cured

7) I mixed green and black gel polishes with top coat and added dark strokes onto my background. Also I used the mix of black, blue gel polishes and top coat. I blurred my strokes with top coat and added yellow and lilac strokes. Then I added yellow dots onto the central parts and cured

8) I covered the nail with top coat, cured and removed the tacky layer
9) Using white 3D gel paste I drew some dots onto the central parts and added some contours. Cured

Blue watercolor flowers nail design is done!

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