Delicate Flower

Hi! This tutorial is about Delicate Flower nail design!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails prep
2) I applied 2 layers of white gel polish and cured each of them
3) I mixed colorful gel polishes (yellow, blue, pink) with top coat to get translucent colors for watercolor effect. I painted my petals and cured

4) Using the mix of blue and black gel polishes I added contours. Also I painted the central part of my flower with the mix of brown and black gel polishes. Cured

5) I added more colorful gel polishes (pink, yellow and blue) to the top coat and added brighter strokes onto the petals. Then I added yellow dots onto the central part of my flower and cured

6) Here I shaded my design with the mix of blue, black gel polishes and top coat. Cured

7) I added more black gel polish to the mix of black, blue and top coat and added darker shades. Cured

8) I covered the nail with top coat, cured and removed the tacky layer
9) Using white 3D gel paste I added some contours and cured

Delicate Flower nail design is done!

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