Spiral nail design

Hi! Here I will show you how to make spiral nail design. Everybody will be delighted with this gold spiral and lovely ombre colors. You can choose whichever colors you like!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) I started with a prep nails for application
2) I did not cover the nail with a gel polish. I carefully! removed the tacky layer from a gel polish base coat
3) I drew a spiral with the help of a detailer brush and black gel paint moving from the centre of the nail. I cured it in a UV lamp for 2 minutes to leave a good sticky layer on the gel paint

Spiral nail design 1
4) I printed a gold leaf on the sticky layer of the gel paint

Spiral nail design 2
5) I topcoated my nail in order not to bother about spoiling it. Wiped off the tacky layer
6) Moving from the centre of the spiral, I filled in the space between gold lines with yellow and blue gel polishes. On the border of two colors, I mixed them and got light green. Cured

Spiral nail design 3
7) I did one more layer using the same technique to get more solid colors and cured again

Spiral nail design
8) I covered my design with a gel polish top coat, cured and removed the tacky layer. (If you did not topcoat it in step 5, you should topcoat it twice now to prevent chipping of the gold leaf).
Spiral nail design is done!

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