Ombre sweater

Hi! Here I will describe how to create ombre sweater nails. I made vertical gradient using lilac and grey colors. Let’s begin!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Prep your nails for application
2) For my base, I wanted to do a lilac grey gradient. I applied a grey gel polish onto the left side of my nail (for grey color I mixed white, black, and a drop of lilac gel polish) and lilac one onto the right side. (Do not cure!)

ombre sweater 1
3) Using a large brush, I blended these colors in the central part of the nail moving from the top to the bottom several times. Cured

ombre sweater 2
4) To get desired opacity, I did one more layer using the same technique

ombre sweater 3

ombre sweater 4
5) After it, I covered the nail with a top coat, cured and removed the sticky layer

ombre sweater 5
6) In this step, I started creating knitted patterns. For it, I used a thin brush, a grey gel polish on the grey side, and a lilac gel polish on the lilac side. (Do not cure!)

ombre sweater 6
7) I poured clear acrylic powder on my pattern and cured
8) I swept unwanted remains of acrylic powder from the nail using a brush

ombre sweater 7
Ombre sweater nail design is done!

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