Pink White Gradient

Hi! This tutorial is about pink white gradient nails. It is an easy and beautiful nail design!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails preparation for gel polish application
2) I applied 2 layers of a white gel polish and cured each of them
3) Using a piece of sponge and a pink gel polish I did gradient. I dipped my sponge in gel polish and dabbed pink color moving from the free edge of the nail. Cured

Pink White Gradient 1
4) I did one more gradient layer as described above and cured
5) I covered the nail with a top coat, cured and removed the sticky layer
6) Then I drew patterns using a white gel polish (do not cure!)

Pink White Gradient 2
7) Finally, I poured clear acrylic powder on the nail, cured and removed the remains of the powder

Pink White Gradient 3
Pink white gradient nail design is done!

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