Hey! This tutorial is about beach nail design!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails prep
2) I covered the nail with a brown gel polish and cured

Beach 1
3) Using the mix of beige and yellow gel polishes I painted the right upper corner and cured

Beach 2
4) I painted sea foam using the mix of a top coat and a white gel polish. Cured

Beach 3
5) I covered the nail with a top coat, cured and removed the tacky layer

6) I painted sand leaving the space between sea and sand (yellow plus beige). Do not cure!

Beach 4
7) Here I poured clear acrylic powder onto my sand. Do not cure!

Beach 5
8) Using a stick I drew the heart, cured and swept off the remains of acrylic powder

Beach 6
9) Using a white 3D gel-paste I painted foam (leaving brown space between sand and sea). Cured and removed the tacky layer

Beach 7
Beach Nail Design is done!

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