Lips nail art

Hello! Here you will find out how to paint lips nail design. It is a great idea for manicure! Everyone will appreciate such a trendy nail art!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) After nail prep, I applied two layers of a blue gel polish and cured each of them

Lips nail design 1
2) To have a chance to remove the painting in a case I did not like it, I topcoated the nail. Cured. Wiped off the sticky layer
3) Using a red gel polish, I portrayed lips in the centre of the nail and cured

Lips nail design 2
4) To make lips brighter, I applied one more layer of a red gel polish onto the lips and cured

Lips nail design 3
5) I mixed red and black colors to get dark red. I contoured the lips using a small detailer brush. Cured a little (because it was a thin layer)
6) To give the lips more dimension, I added highlights. For it, I drew a lot of thin and short vertical lines in the middle of each lip using white gel paint. (The lines were blurred and almost mixed with each other). Also I portrayed teeth with white gel paint. Cured a little (gel paint does not bleed, so it was enough)
7) The final part of design was outlining of the lips. Also I added some faint thin vertical lines in the dark parts of the lips to make them more realistic. I drew a mouth and teeth with black gel paint. Cured for 2 minutes in a UV lamp (or 30 seconds in a LED lamp)

Lips nail design
8) When I was happy with my painting, I covered my design with a gel polish top coat, cured, and removed the tacky layer
Lips nail design is done!

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