Sexy brunette

Hi! This is a sexy brunette nail design tutorial. Such a creative nail art design looks magnificent! It is not as difficult as you may think! Follow this tutorial and you will create your own art work on nail!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) Prep nails for application
2) For the base of my art work I applied a nude gel polish and cured it in a UV lamp for 2 minutes (or 30 seconds in a LED lamp). I did not removed the sticky layer

Sexy brunette nail design 1
3) I sketched my brunette girl in pencil

Sexy brunette nail design 2
4) Using a black gel polish, I painted her hair, and using neon pink, I painted her lips. Cured

Sexy brunette nail design 3
5) Mixing of peach and nude colors gave me a skin tone color. I applied this tone onto her face. Cured
6) To make her face more realistic, I added shades onto her neck, under her cheekbones, and outlined her nose, eyelids, brows, and fingers. For it, I made a desired color by adding brown to the skin tone color. I added highlights on her eyelids, cheekbones, chin, fingers and the central part of her nose. Cured a little (because these layers were thin)

Sexy brunette nail design 4
7) I gave more dimensions to her lips. I blended red and pink gel polishes together and contoured her lips. Also I added highlights with light pink (white with pink). Cured a little

Sexy brunette nail design 5
8) I outlined my pencil sketch and added strands of hair using black gel paint and a detailer brush. Cured in a UV lamp for 2 minutes (or 30 seconds in a LED lamp)
9) I made my shades and highlights brighter. Cured

Sexy brunette nail design
10) I applied gel polish top coat, cured, wiped off the tacky layer
Sexy brunette nail design is done!

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