Sexy nail art

Hi! This is a hand painted sexy nail art tutorial. It seems difficult but do not fear! All you need is just following step-by-step!

 Step-by-step tutorial

1) First step is nails prep
2) For the base of my art work, I used a nude gel polish. Cured

Sexy nail art 1
3) I sketched my design in pencil

Sexy nail art 2
4) I painted the lips using a neon pink gel polish and cured

Sexy nail art 3
5) For Chupa Chups, I chose a neon green gel polish. Cured

Sexy nail art 4
6) I painted the tongue with a red gel polish. Cured

Sexy nail art 5
7) To make the girl’s skin tone more natural, I blended a nude gel polish with a peach one. Cured

Sexy nail art 6
8) I shaded and highlighted her skin. For shades, I mixed brown and her skin tone color. As for highlights, I added white to her skin tone color. Cured a little (the layers were thin, so it was enough)

Sexy nail art 7
9) I created shades and highlights on her lips. I contoured her lips with dark pink (mixing red and pink), and made highlights in the middle of each lip (mixing pink and white). Also I added shades and highlights onto her tongue and gave dimension to the Chupa Chups. (To make colors dark, I added a black gel polish to them, and to make them light, I added a white gel polish). Also I drew her teeth using white gel paint. Cured

Sexy nail art 8
10) Using a size 0 detailer brush and black gel paint, I outlined my sketch, added short lines onto her lips, and made black the space between her tongue and teeth. Cured

Sexy nail art 9
11) To give more dimension, I made some shades and highlights brighter. I added a grey shade onto her teeth under her lip (using the mixing of a top coat and little drop of a black gel polish). Also I created saliva on her tongue and Chupa Chups using the mix of a top coat and a small drop of a white gel polish. When I was satisfied with my painting, I cured it

Sexy nail art
12) I finished my design covering it with a gel polish top coat, curing and removing the sticky layer
Sexy nail art work is done!

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