Hi! In this tutorial I will show you how to create owl with 3D eyes and knitted scarf. When the weather is cold this cute nail design will look great!

Step-by-step tutorial

1) First, prep nails for gel polish application
2) I covered the nail with a white gel polish and cured

Owl 1
3) Then I sketched my owl in pencil

Owl 2
4) I began painting it. I used a brown gel polish for its head and wing, and a yellow one for its eyes. Cured

Owl 3
5) In this step I painted the space around its eyes and its breast with a beige gel polish, the scarf with a red one, and the sky with a dark blue gel polish. Cured

Owl 4
6) I shaded my owl using a dark brown gel polish (the mix of black and brown gel polishes). Also I added shades on its beige colored parts and painted its beak using the mix of beige and brown gel polishes. Cured

Owl 5
7) I added dimension to its scarf with dark red (red plus black gel polishes) and light red (red plus white gel polishes). (I outlined the scarf with dark red and highlighted it in the central part with light red). Also I added spots onto its breast with a brown gel polish, outlined its beak and drew its eyes with a black gel polish. I added one more layer of a dark blue gel polish onto the sky. Cured

Owl 6
8) I did hotspots on its eyes. (I blended a white gel polish with a top coat to get translucent white color). Cured a little (because the layer was thin)

Owl 7
9) In this step I outlined my painting (except the scarf) using black gel paint and a small detailer brush, added hotspots on its beak with white gel paint. Cured

Owl 8
10) I topcoated the nail, cured and carefully removed the tacky layer
11) I began creating knitted effect on its scarf. I took light red and dark red gel polishes. Using dark color I outlined the scarf and using light color I painted lines in the central part of the scarf. (The colors were blended a little and the use of 2 different tones gave dimension to the scarf). Do not cure!

Owl 9
12) Then I poured clear acrylic powder onto the scarf. (Do not cure!) I removed remains of acrylic powder from its eyes and beak using a brush. (Be careful! Do not spoil the knitted pattern!) Using a thick designer gel I created 3D eyes and beak. Then I cured, wiped off the tacky layer and remains of acrylic powder

Owl 10

Owl 11

Owl 12
13) Owl nail design is done!

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